Professor Leonid Iosifovich Aruin – famous Russian scientist, pathologist-gastroenterologist (29.05.1924–24.01.2018)


Alexander Zubritsky, Moscow, Russian Federation


Leonid I. Aruin (29.05.1924–24.01.2018)

This work has the aim to collect and systematize the biographical information according to the questionnaire prepared by me. Born in Moscow in the family of doctor. Married. Children: Michael. Graduated from the Higher Naval School of Naval Medical Academy (1947); PhD thesis on “Changes in adrenal cortex in rheumatism (clinical, morphological and histochemical study)” (1965), Doctoral – on “Pathomorphology of stomach and small intestine in postresection syndromes” (1971). Doctor, Pacific and Baltic Fleet, anti-aircraft regiment, Sakhalin Island; Chief, Pathological Department, Naval Hospital, Liepaja;  demobilized in rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in connection with the reduction of army; Head, Pathology Laboratory, Research Institute of Gastroenterology. Retirement and moving to permanent residence in Israel to their children and grandchildren (1995). For the first time intratissue regulators of regeneration of gastric mucosa were detected – the keylons, and differences in their activity in gastric ulcer were established; he developed methods of differential diagnosis of chronic liver diseases and described their morphological features; initiator of creation of Russian group for study of Helicobacter pylori. Laureate of many nominal awards. Research interests: Clinical and functional morphology of digestive system. Author of over 200 scientific works, including many monographs. Distinctive feature: Kindness, responsiveness, tireless researcher, gift of diagnostic heuristics, ability to easily and clearly talk about fundamental problems of medicine. Hobby: Internet, liked to communicate with colleagues on Skype. He died at age of 93 from lung edema and was buried in cemetery of Beit Shemesh, located 23 km from Jerusalem.


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